1. Introduction
2. Vocabulary: Zone
3. Background
4. Structure
5. Target audience
6. Development strategy
7. Game components
8. Software architecture
9. Hardware architecture
10. Hacks and bugs
11. Design considerations
12. Flexibility
13. Future entertainment
Site: Utrecht
Metamorphosis of Zone
Links and media
Total deZign

Zone Exploration

About Total deZign

This project was developed by Total deZign group of architects, designers and artists.

We believe modern design is a complex that should not be divided into non-related sub categories, but rather become a multimedia experience. Our projects include architectural, urban, interior, graphic and fashion designs.

In the past we've made several art exhibitions and performances, with some of them related to the ZONE Exploration issues. See ZONE Exhibition for a reference.

Currently we are looking forward to reinforce the decaying modern architecture and design worlds with our fresh ideas and renaissance approach.

Total Dezign contact information:

Nataly Gorodertsky-Engel, Sergey Engel
tel. 972-2-5401853

Total deZign official website:


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