1. Introduction
2. Vocabulary: Zone
3. Background
4. Structure
5. Target audience
6. Development strategy
7. Game components
8. Software architecture
9. Hardware architecture
10. Hacks and bugs
11. Design considerations
12. Flexibility
13. Future entertainment
Site: Utrecht
Metamorphosis of Zone
Links and media
Total deZign

Zone Exploration


A short video simulation of the Zone Exploration Game was made for presentations, you can download the file here:

Zone Exploration Game movie [21MB, zip file]

The file is in SWF format - you may need a FLASH player to watch it.

The video was shot in 2007 in a cellar of Aorta Architectural association, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Other downloads:

Metamorphosis of Zone (pdf file, 875KB).

Game Industry (pdf file, 185KB) - A brief contents of this site in one text document.

Other web links:

Total deZign - the crew behind this project
meatex Z - performance group, other activities of Total Dezign members.
ZONE Exhibition - one of our previous projects, based on the same background.

Self-playing musical instruments from the ZONE exhibition, 2006.

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