1. Introduction
2. Vocabulary: Zone
3. Background
4. Structure
5. Target audience
6. Development strategy
7. Game components
8. Software architecture
9. Hardware architecture
10. Hacks and bugs
11. Design considerations
12. Flexibility
13. Future entertainment
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Metamorphosis of Zone
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Zone Exploration

Metamorphosis of Zone

Metamorphosis of Zone is a theoretical research made by Nataly Gorodetsky-Engel in 2005-2007 as her thesis work for her M.A. degree in Utrecht, NL. It takes the mystic and uncanny "Zone" from the Tarkovsky's "Stalker" movie and converts it into architectural and design item, investigating it's cultural referencies and stylistic possibilities.

Metamorphosis of Zone became the theoretical base for Zone Exploration project represented on this site. If you want to go deeper than a brief explaination of Zone Exploration and see it's unconcious side together with a new style emerging from the concept - you're invited to read it. The work is too big to represent it on a website so it's available for download in PDF format.

Download Metamorphosis of Zone (pdf file, 875KB).

You may need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the file (free download).

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