1. Introduction
2. Vocabulary: Zone
3. Background
4. Structure
5. Target audience
6. Development strategy
7. Game components
8. Software architecture
9. Hardware architecture
10. Hacks and bugs
11. Design considerations
12. Flexibility
13. Future entertainment
Site: Utrecht
Metamorphosis of Zone
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Zone Exploration

Future entertainment industry.

As it was stressed above, multilevel (platform) game could be useful while approaching a positive future for industrial functionless sites as itself and its derivatives for new public space development. In addition the factory lands could serve as a "laboratory" for creating different situations for real games as events' areas. Such area may contain offices, workshops, showrooms focusing on creating new real "virtual" games, searching for other sites and analysing new game devices.

The role of architect regarding the project is transformed from recycling unfunctional objects into programming a new strategy and visualising the future development for public space of a new type that is built on encounter between conceptualised conditions of useless objects as data for analysis and virtual reality of computer games as applicable metaphor.

Zone game metaphor as a simulacra of computer game could prospond more grown -up form of experience for visitors in public space of a new type than it is suggested in virtual world entertainment. Unknown, invisible spaces, terrifying details, useless structures in real will embody rather apocalyptical perception of environment as background proposed in computer games or movies. In real zone game area the stress could be done on educative effect that can be described as awareness of a player in methaphysical existence, which is not beyond our control and consciousness.

"Zone-game" experimental design can be a base for new relations in public spaces, where the entertainment should make an educative effect in terms of serving the knowledge about the world, which is comparable to nature, is in a permanent motion between elements that can't be explained in a logical way but through a way of self-experience in this reality.

Abstract composition - antique pencil sharpeners, leather, leaves. N.Gorodetsky-Engel, 2007.

Utrecht, Cereol site, factory interior, 2007.

Zone Exploration game - the final level, Nataly Gorodetsky-Engel, 2007.

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