1. Introduction
2. Vocabulary: Zone
3. Background
4. Structure
5. Target audience
6. Development strategy
7. Game components
8. Software architecture
9. Hardware architecture
10. Hacks and bugs
11. Design considerations
12. Flexibility
13. Future entertainment
Site: Utrecht
Metamorphosis of Zone
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Zone Exploration

Development strategy

Converting a non-functional industrial site into an entertainment complex is a process which may take several years to complete. The main stages of this process are described below.

1. The site

Finding a proper site is crucial. It defines what will happen in the game, what additional functions and structures may be raised etc. The site must be spectacular and must have enough space to contain both the game maze and all the additional facilities. Urban location of the site, it's closeness to a city centre and main traffic routes may define how successful the whole project will become.

2. Local urban plans

Checking urban plans for the pecified site should reveal how possible is it to develop the project. Negotiations with local authorities will rise additional questions and if the development of the site is still possible, a new urban plan should be prepared, substituting a new public function for the given territory.

3. Preliminary research

The research is intended to analyse the condition of the existing structures and involves consultants in several fields:

Construction: The constructor should examine if the buildings, their inner structures and machinery may withstand further use. In most of the cases additional constructions and reinforcements are required.

Safety: The safety advisor should consult what precautions should be used with the existing structures, what may and what may not be done, what additional safety constructions (fences, barriers etc.) should be raised to assure safe movement around the whole site. Factories' and plants' safety requirements are usually lower than those of public buildings so a whole additional layer of safety devices should be constructed.

Communications: The analysis of the existing electricity, phone, water, gas and other networks provides information on what parts should be simply restored, what zones are not suitable for development and sometimes may provide additional ideas for developing the site.

4. Renovation plan

Although it is called "renovation" it is more a "preservation plan", because we are interested to keep the site close to the original conditions. Additionaly, new structures should be built so there's always a compromise what should be restored and replaced and what may remain as it is.

The plan is an architectural project which includes reinforcement of the original building, new accessibility scheme, new infrastructure of communications and a base for new layers of game devices to be implemented.

5. New structures and architecture

Together with the renovation of the old buildings new ones should be raised. The renovation together with the new construction create one integral architectural project developed and built simultaneously - game maze (based on the existing structures) and the new buildings.

6. Game development

In parallel with the development of the architectural plan a separate team of software and hardware developers work on the Game which includes a software game which mirrors the game happening at the site. The site contains numerous devices and sensors that send data to the software server which conducts the game progress. The team of game developers analyses the site and decides what type of activities may be implemented, what kind of action could be simulated and designs proper machinery which animates the site and communicates with a player.

7. Testing

After all the construction works complete the Game should be tested thoroughly to assure all the possible faults are fixed. Safety and construction consultants should examine the site once again and assure the game is safe to the public before the official opening.

Utrecth, Cereol site, western view.

Utrecth, Cereol site, aerial view. The site is already destroyed.

A broken wall and fire alarm system: this will probably need repairment.

Picturesque spectacular industrial interiors usually suffer from safety issues.

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